DEVxDAO Announcement

The DEVxDAO represents the vision of its members in supporting open source and transparent scientific research for emerging technologies. It does this by providing grants through the Emerging Technology Association (ETA), a Swiss nonprofit association which supports open source and transparent scientific research of emerging technologies for community building by way of submitting grants to developers and scientists in Switzerland and abroad. After months of intensive labor, the DEVxDAO is proud to announce the official release of its Grant Program with the ETA.


Grant applicants register with the DEVxDAO by filling out the Program Associate Application form and signing the Program Associate Agreement.

Apply for a Grant

For a small DoS fee, applicants apply for a grant by filling out the Grant Application form and pitch their proposed grant project details to the DEVxDAO community.

DEVxDAO Deliberates

The grant applicant can observe and respond to comments in the DEVxDAO forum regarding their application.


The grant applicant can edit their proposal based on feedback and resubmit edited proposal for a DEVxDAO vote.

The DEVxDAO is proud to announce our partnership with:
Casper protocol

The DEVxDAO is proud to announce our partnership with:
Casper protocol

In collaboration with our generous initial contributor Casper, the DEVxDAO is collaborating with the ETA to onboard prospective developers, researchers and scientists who are looking for decentralized infrastructure project funding.

How it works

The DEVxDAO will vote on grant proposals which support the development of software, legal, and other reference implementations (all of which to be published using open-source licenses). The DEVxDAO is committed to working with cutting-edge decentralized platforms, such as Casper. Thus, the DEVxDAO will select token and other grant recipients (researchers and developers) through its voting system.

Starting in Q2 2021, the Grant Program will be open for grant applications. Grant applicants can register themselves as Program Associates and will thereafter be guided through the Grant application process. The DEVxDAO will deliberate and evaluate each grant application and make a tentative decision on whether to support the project. In the near future, the DEVxDAO will also proactively publish requests for proposals for projects that the DEVxDAO considers essential for decentralization.

If you would like more information or have questions about the grant process, please join the Tuesday DEVxDAO community call.