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The DEVxDAO exists to give grants to developers with ambitious ideas for dapps and decentralized infrastructure solutions.

Collaborate with the world’s top decentralized developers

The DEVxDAO is a place where protocols, projects, and engineers work together to push forward the frontiers of emerging technology.

DAO for Developers

Join an existing project and lend a hand in creating or governing the direction of development.

DAO for Innovators

Help create something new. Submit a proposal to bring your ideas to life.

DAO for Donors

Support decentralization and web3 by pledging your resources to our community.

What we do

Our DEVxDAO framework simplifies collaboration. Blockchain protocols can rapidly decentralize their governance. Developers can help weigh in or core decisions and direction. Open discussion can happen transparently and determine the milestones of each mission. In short – 

We decentralize.

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